In the News


DECEMBER 6, 2018
From Collecting Firewood for Sale to Forging a Path in College
New York Times; Timothy Pratt 


NOVEMBER 3, 2018
Nonprofit helps refugees find safe haven in Savannah
Savannah Now; Amy Paige Condon 


OCTOBER 5, 2018
Real America with Jorge Ramos: Small Town, Big Heart
Real America with Jorge Ramos


OCTOBER 3, 2018
They made it to the US. But as the country lets in fewer refugees, will the rest of their family ever arrive?
CNN; Drew Kann


SEPTEMBER 25, 2018
Groups target MARTA riders on National Voter Registration Day
AJC; Becca J. G. Godwin


SEPTEMBER 19, 2018
‘People will die’: Obama official’s warning as Trump slashes refugee numbers
WABE; Tasnim Shamma


SEPTEMBER 12, 2018
Limiting the dreams of Latino parents hurts them and Georgia
AJC; Aixa M. Pascual


AUGUST 20, 2018
Immigrants In Atlanta Have $19 Billion In Spending Power
WABE; Tasnim Shamma


AUGUST 10, 2018
International Rescue Committee Launches Microloan Program For Refugees.
WABE; Tasnim Shamma


JULY 20, 2018
OPINION: Clarkston honors immigrants this Immigrant Heritage Month.
The Champion Newspaper; Clarkston Mayor, Ted Terry


JULY 3, 2018
“One America”: Small town welcomes thousands of refugees with Southern hospitality Atlanta, A Syrian Refugee Reflects On The Long Road To America.
Today; Scott Stump


JUNE 26, 2018
Hundreds celebrate refugees during World Refugee Days
The Champion Newspaper; Carla Parker


JUNE 22, 2018
As Immigration Issues Roil the Nation, One Georgia Community and School Welcomes Refugees
The 74 Million; Conor Williams


JUNE 22, 2018
How a Syrian refugee is recreating his ‘American Dream’ for the next generation
USAToday; Alyssa A Marino, Danielle Barker


JUNE 20, 2018
World Refugee Day Celebration in Clarkston.
AJC; Pamela Miller


JUNE 14, 2018
At Atlanta Botanical Garden, refugees to make meals representing ‘home.
AJC; C. W. Cameron


MAY 23, 2018
In Atlanta, A Syrian Refugee Reflects On The Long Road To America.
GPB News; Fenly Foxen and Adam Ragusea


MARCH 28, 2018
Trump’s travel ban stranded her. Then America welcomed her.
CNN; Catherine E. Shoichet


FEBRUARY 26, 2018
Georgia bill: Police, courts must help with immigration enforcement
AJC; Jeremy Redmon


FEBRUARY 22, 2018
Clarkston event highlights contributions of refugee community
The Georgia Bulletin; Andrew Nelson


FEBRUARY 8, 2018
People raised their voice against English-only legislation at state capitol


DECEMBER 7, 2017
A Tale of Two Immigrants
VOXATL; Aryana Gupta


OCTOBER 13, 2017
Clarkston speaks, Civic Engagement
Sagal Radio


OCTOBER 9, 2017
The South’s Ellis Island
The Bitter Southerner; Carly Berlin


SEPTEMBER 26, 2017
From Dishwasher to Doctor: A Syrian refugee achieves his American Dream
AJC; Jeremy Redmon


AUGUST 7, 2017
Trump backs David Perdue’s proposal to halve legal immigration levels
AJC; Tamar Hallerman


JULY 20, 2017
Syrian refugee girl safe in Georgia amid travel ban: ‘I have a future’
AJC; Jeremy Redmon


JUNE 20, 2017
Atlanta Coalition helps immigrants become US citizens
The Inquirer; Anthony Advincula


MAY 24, 2017
This small town in America’s Deep South welcomes 1,500 refugees a year
The Guardian; Katy Long


MARCH 9, 2017
The travel ban, version two
The Economist; Andrew Miller


MARCH 9, 2017
Becoming American: An intimate look at a refugee family in Clarkston
AJC; Lorrie Dallek


February 21, 2017
Split by Trump’s travel ban, a family races to reunite
CNN; Catherine E. Shoichet, Claudia Morales, Melissa Golden and Nichole Sobecki


FEBRUARY 14, 2017
Clarkston event a valentine from immigrants to America
Decaturish; Benjamin Kweskin


JANUARY 31, 2017
Airport Crowd Welcomes Afghan Refugee Family To Atlanta
WABE; Miranda Hawkins


JANUARY 26, 2017
Escaping to Atlanta, Syrians worry the door will be shut behind them

Atlanta Journal Constitution; Jeremy Redmon


JANUARY 2, 2017
Books 2016: From Georgia’s Refuge City Comes a Refugee Soccer Team
Global Atlanta; Paul Varian